Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What the L

Years ago, in the pre-Web era, when listservs were all the rage (okay, it was 1992, as I recall), Charlie Hitt and I were sitting in the cubicle we shared at the library at Mankato State University in Minnesota.  We were joking about the listserv names we would like to see.  PACS-L was the big one in libraryland at that time, and most of the names ended in -L.  Suddenly I chortled"WhatThe-L!"  We both laughed.

Years ago, at the dawn of the blogging era, my friend and colleague Lori Bell suggested that I start a blog.  I balked.  Eventually I became part of a team of bloggers over at the ALA TechSource blog.  Blogging can be fun, I discovered, and, like any type of writing, it forces you to think through a topic a bit before you publish a post.  

Today, for some reason I started my own blog, even though I plan to continue serving on the team of bloggers at ALA.  I decided to call it What The L.  I plan to write whatever I want whenever I want.   No wagering about the frequency I'll actually achieve.